524 Haines NW Albuquerque, NM 87102
M-F 9-5 and by appointment

opening 06.27.08 5-9 pm




Inception, by definition, marks an event of beginning. It is an act, process, instance that defines the course of an existence. SCA Contemporary Art’s exhibition ‘Inception’ explores the robust variety of the ‘beginning mark’. Presenting a combination of emerging and established artist both local and international, SCA kicks off its second gallery opening for 2008 calendar year. Artists include Suzanne Sbarge, Theresa Pfarr, Elen Feinberg, Francesca Searer, Margi Weir, Dan Socha, James Jacob, Seth Feriano, Matt Kazimierski, Sam Wohl, Shawn Pham Warrick Kristina Pardue and Virginia Broersma. Oscillating between the romantic notion of painting/drawing and engaging in a conversation as it relates to our creative actions; the exhibition expresses the diverse plurality of one of the most universal human urges. Celebrating the mark, whether it is an idea or physical form, it becomes a site for making meaning.

SCA is dedicated to facilitating space for experimental, innovative and contemporary art. The alternative gallery space, a newly renovated warehouse by artist/designer Sheri Crider, encompasses 17 ft. ceilings and a 6,000 square ft. exhibition area. Presenting exhibitions by emerging and established, local, national and international artists working with large scale sculpture, painting, print, drawing, photography, installation, sound and video art. For more images and information on exhibit, please contact the gallery.


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